Fairy Tail Season 2 Episode 9

Fairy Tail Season 2 Episode 9

Jura starts a battle with Hot Eye of the Heavenly Eye, and Wendy wakes up and heals Erza. Meanwhile, Cobra follows Jellal, being unable to read his mind, to see that Jellal finds Nirvana. Natsu runs off to find Jellal, determined to not let him meet Erza. Erza hears the name “Jellal” and sets off by herself without the others knowing. Racer’s personal guild, Harpyia, tries to stop Natsu, but is easily defeated. Hibiki explains about the power of Nirvana – the people in between the power of light and darkness switch to the opposite element.

Serie: Fairy Tail

Episode Title: Darkness

Air Date: 2010-12-06